“This product is amazing, its so natural and looks exactly like my own hair, i was embarassed about my bald patch, but not any more, it takes me no more than about 30 seconds to tap into my hair everyday and i have a full head of hair, thank you so much to shamazen for the beaver keratin fibres”

“ i love this product it makes my hair look completely full and natural, in-fact its so natural no one has can tell i have it in, before i discovered this product i was actually considering saving up for a hair transplant, but not anymore, what i like is that it actually works, its affordable and organic, And it makes me feel great knowing i have a full looking head of hair”

“ There is something about losing your hair thats upsetting, it makes you feel less like a complete person, well thats how i felt, but then a friend gave me a gift of beaver professional keratin hair thickening system, honestly its the best gift i ever got, im literally hooked now, in a matter of seconds and without any fuss i have a a full looking head of hair, just look at my B&a pic, i mean its actually unbelievable how good it is, and i can also use different shades to tone down my grey, i can’t believe how it looks like my own hair, it’s like i never had a bald patch”
Galway. Ireland

“ The difference that beaver professional keratin hair thickening fibres has made to my life is not something i thought possible from hair products, it only took me less than 1 minute to achieve what you see in my pic, like seriously thats just amazing, now i use it everyday, i wouldn’t leave the house without it, you think you will just use it now and then, but when other people compliment you on how well you look, well lets just say i prefer to look and feel good everyday”
Castleknock, Ireland


“ I am in my late 20s and my hair is quite thin, To be honest- confidence wise it affects me,soI was completely delighted when my sister showed me beaver professional keratin hair thickening system, i could not believe how natural it looked and the fact that it literally gave me thicker looking hair instantly, i love it and i love that it has given me my confidence back, i just tap it onto my hair in the morning, lock it down with fibre hold spray, and it stays in place all day and night, even if it rains, it couldn’t be easier,”

“ This is crazy, I didn’t believe it when I was told that beaver professional hair fibers would instantly make my hair look thicker and completely hide all my baldness. But now I do. I spent 2 years worrying about My thinning hair. To the point of feeling low in confidence. I am so happy with these products. Now all I worry about is running out of them. Lol “
South end on sea. UK

“ what i love about beaver professional keratin hair fibres is it looks so natural, and although i don’t have very bad thinning hair problem, just look in my pic at the diffrence it makes to my hair, it looks fuller and completely thicker, I am an actor so for me looking my best on set is important, now i use it everyday on and off set, It has made such a diffrence to how i look and feel”,
London, UK

” My only regret is not discovering these products sooner, i have very bad thinning hair which really gets me down, but when i started using beaver professional hair thickening products i felt so much more confident about my appearance, i can’t believe how such a simple natural product has changed my appearance and how i feel about myself”,
Belfast- Ireland


“ My friend recomended that i should try beaver professional hair thickening fibres, and what a great friend i have, not only does it thicken my hair instantly and make my hair look fuller than it ever has, it also helps to conceal the grey hairs, it actually makes me look younger having a full head of hair, its so easy to use and its wind and rain resistant, although i always use the fibre hold spray which locks the fibres in extra tight, and the best part is no-one can tell im using it because its so natural, its perfect “
Dublin, Ireland

“ I am an older gentleman but never the less i like to look and feel good about myself, i have a bald patch and grey hair which i like neither of, But now i am using beaver professional keratin hair building fibres and i no longer have a bald patch or grey hair, i simply tap the fibers in and it thickens my hair and hides the grey, sometimes i use different shades in the fibres to get a darker look, wish i had known about these products sooner”,
Essex, london


“ I suffer with alopecia which is a lot worse than thinning hair as you can imagine. When SHAMAZEN told me their products beaver Professional keratin hair thickening fibres would be perfect for me I didn’t believe them but I was wrong it is absolutely perfect for my alopecia. Actually it has made me feel good about myself again’ and it is so affordable to use on a daily basis less than the price of a cup of coffee. More people should know about these products”
Kerry, Ireland



“ I use beaver professional keratin hair thickening fibers for when I style my my hair up. It’s completely hides any scalp show through and makes my hair look so much fuller. Now I carry it in my bag with my make up. I wouldn’t be without it”
Blackrock. Ireland

“ I found after having children my hair became quite thin. First I started using the Beaver professional keratin hair thickening shampoo and conditioner which is absolutely amazing but then I started using the hair building fibres and OMG it makes such a difference instantly. It’s completely hides and the scalp show through and I’m the only one that knows I have it in, I love it”
Wexford, ireland

“ i own a salon in dublin and this product has become so popular with a lot of my clients, like me they absolutely love it because it makes their hair look so thick even when you create an up style and seeing the scalp is usually unavoidable, with beaver keratin fibres you simply tap it into the desired area and it locks on to the existing hair and thickens instantly, my clients sometimes bring their own to the salon just incase ive run out of their shade, its truly an amazing product range”

“I have tried lots of other products to make my hair look thicker, but i can honestly say that beaver professional is the one for me now, so easy to use and its organic which is very important. it has become an essential part of my everyday use products, i simply couldn’t be without it now, when you look good, you feel good”,
Leeds, UK


“ Being a woman I was so self concious about how thin my hair is, i felt unattractive,i tried everything and even started wearing hats more often to hide the problem, then i discovered beaver professional organic keratin hair building fibres and it literally changed my life, now i can wear my hair anyway i want to, and i feel confident now knowing my hair looks thicker, fuller, and completely undetectable to anyone else, its great now everyones comments on how well i look, woo woo”
Manchester, UK

“ I am absolutely shocked at how great this product is, its so easy to use, its so natural, its organic, And my hair has never looked better even before i started to develop thin hair problem, and the beaver professional keratin hair thickening shampoo & conditioner has no harmful ingredients which means its all about keratin protein that is good for my hair and scalp, Everyone should have these products, they’re simply amazing”
Cork, Ireland


“ I started using the beaver keratin fibres a few months back, i was using another product but it wasn’t natural, just look at the diffrence with my up style, it makes my hair look so full, and its wind and rain resistant, which is essential especially with our weather, i have all my friends using it now, we all love it, thank you to shamazen”

“OMG its so amazing how easy this is to use, i will never stop using it, the salon were i get my hair done used it in my hair, and i was amazed, literally 30 seconds and my hair is thicker, a quick spray of the fibre hold spray and im all set for the day and night”,
KERRY, Ireland