Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Keratin Hair Fibres?

Beaver Hair Building Fibers are a cosmetic solution that will cover any areas of thinning hair or scalp show-through to give the instant appearance of a thick, full head of hair.

Are The Fibres Waterproof?

Beaver Fibres are water resistant in harsh weather, rain and even perspiration. This waterproof characteristic is another reason why they are so popular in the UK as the national weather system is anything but predictable!

What Are The Fibres Made Of?

Beaver Hair Fibers are made of natural, colored Keratin Fibers – the same protein that makes up human hair. The Keratin protein is derived from a natural source, and is nearly identical to human hair.

How Long Will The Fibres Stay In My Hair?

Beaver Hair Building Fibers will stay in place until you wash your hair.

Do The Fibres Look Natural

Beaver Hair Building Fibres come from a woollen source given them a natural appearance along with a static charge for bonding to your hair. It look natural and feels completely organic.

Will The Fibres Work With All Hair Types?

Yes – Beaver Hair Building Fibers work with all hair types and textures, including Caucasian hair, Asian hair, and African-American hair.

Can different colours of BEAVER PROFESSIONAL Hair Building Fibers be mixed?

Yes – you can mix different shades of Hair Building Fibers. WE encouraged to mix different shades in order to find the closest match to your own colour, usually the 9 colours will match all hair colours as they are but sometimes you may want to alter the shade by mixing the colours. he product can either be mixed directly in the hair (use the darker colour first, and then layer the lighter colour over it) or it can be mixed in a hair fibres bottle.

Are there any special warnings about the use of BEAVER PROFESSIONAL Hair Building Fibers?

For external use only. If irritation or rash appears, discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid inhalation.

Can I use BEAVER PROFESSIONAL Hair Building Fibers with styling tools and products?

It is recommended that BEAVER PROFESSIONAL Hair Building Fibers be applied after the use of any styling tools such as hairdryers, flat irons or curling irons AS using before applying may REMOVE THE FIBRES FROM YOUR HAIR .
(other than hairspray) Let styling products dry before applying BEAVER Hair Fibers.
They should be applied to the hair before applying BEAVER Hair Building Fibers. using gels, mousses, pastes, and the like after applying Hair Fibers could expose the areas that were meant to be covered.

WILL BEAVER PROFESSIONAL Hair Building Fibers cover grey roots or colour-treated root re-growth?

ABSOLUTELY BEAVER PRO Hair Building Fibers can be used to PERFECTLY and SIMPLY TO cover both grey roots and colour-treated root re-growth!

How Long Will BEAVER PROFESSIONAL Hair Fibres Remain In My Hair?

BEAVER PROFESSIONAL Hair Building Fibers will stay in place until you wash your hair.although we recommend afresh application daily to maintain the best results for thicker looking hair.